Why Should I Blog?


Have you ever wonder or asked yourself this Question?  Why should I Blog?
This "Why Should I Blog" question can be raised on two occasions.  One is when you start to think about blogging. another one is when you lack self-confidence on your blogging. 
If you are thinking about "Why Should I Blog", Lets Make a  List for that "Why".

 You should blog if

You have to say something to the world.

You should blog If you have something to tell the world, without fear, say it aloud! its your Chance! Any with an internet connection can see what you wrote there(if you wish to)

You are the only one who is aware about "TOPIC XXX"

You are Specialist in the "Topic XXX".  You are aware that your knowledge is unique that you got from reasearching, spending your time. Hey.. don't hide it from the world. Credit Goes to you only. Please consider sharing it with the world.

You want to make money and you have basic writing skills.

You should blog if You have basic writing skills,(Basic will turn good, better, then to best eventually, I Swear.) and you want to make money with your writing skills.

You want to store your knowledge before you forget it and to check back if you want to recall it.

If you are learning something, you'll probably want to make notes for what you learn. because, you want to recall it when you forget. it will be easy if its written by you! Why not make a note online? Go Blog!
And Printed media is no more! This is Time for digital media. Go Blog!

There are many , who are just listening what's your opinion is about.

If there is are many, who just waiting for your responses on some topics, then you should blog.

Inspiring eh ;) ?

Inspiration must come from INSIDE YOU at first! Start Inspiring yourself to continue with Blogging. Don't ever let you go down! This is your chance to Express yourself.


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