Writing&Posting Strategies For Blogger.


Many out there create a blog, design it. write posts, and publish, and within no time, they find it hard to attract their visitors and  something is not just right. but what? hmm no .. they wont get an answer and they quit.
What's happening here is they are missing the basic strategies to write and post a blog post and visitors find it hard to be there.

These basic Writing&Posting Strategies will make you a successful Blogger I Promise!

Read on.... At the end, you will see how motivated you are!

Writing Unique content.

Writing unique content is your prime writing strategy.
If you have no unique content, no one will be interested reading your blog further.

Write things you are familiar with

Writing about things that you are not experimented with will be pain if someone asks you about it further. Impress your readers by writing things that you are sure that you know about  it.

Write in a style that user can understand.

Don't try to follow Shakespeare if you are not writing a poetry blog. people will likely run away if they don't understand what you wrote there.Please don't use complicated words.

Write Less. include much in.

if you are writing an essay to describe something that is easily be written in short, readers will ignore you! they will have to read all your craps to find a small sentence.
Make it short. and simple. readers will be happy with it.

Write in a flow - interact with readers while writing.

interact with reader while you write.
it means that  you should give a knock on reader's head while reading your blog.
For example, you are writing your opinion in a long paragraph at first, then you can write a small sentence to make the user prompt to read following paragraph.
For example, after the long paragraph, You write "So.. what do you think?". Reader's mind will automatically think about what they think. it all happens in seconds. then they are curious to know more about it. they continue to read.

Don't Write in a complicated style

Don't make things complicated for the reader.
Write in a normal way. So much bullets and listing and unwanted quotes can confuse reader.

Post in a time period.

Never make it too late to publish your next post. Your readers/subscribers and Search Engines will forget you.
If you are familiar with SEO(Search Engine optimization), you might be knowing what is the use of updating your blog frequently.
That is a boost for SEO.

Preview posts before publish.

You should preview your post before publish it. Check for grammar mistakes, broken images, broken links, or any other mistakes. if you found any, correct it and then publish your post.

Post about topics that are relevant.

Don't Write or post about topics that are irrelevant. and irrelevant posts or contents are always opens a way to ignore your blog.

Don't Post many posts at a time.

If you have written many posts offline, and would like to publish it at once, its a bad idea. Blogger does have a post limit per day to prevent spam.

You should not do it if you have a bunch of subscribers who gets posts in their inbox. they will likely unsubscribe your blog  for spamming your mailbox.

Don't Post things that violate copyright.

If you decide to publish a copyrighted media or graphics, you are likely to be kicked out by Google from search results.
Or you shouldn't copy paste contents that are found on the web.
If you feel to do so, reading first thing in this list will inspire you to write unique content.
Be Unique and Creative.

If you Remember and Follow these basic strategies, you will become a successful Blogger within no time.


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