What to Blog?


As you could see, there are much things that helps us blogging that quick and ease.
you may ask yourself, What should I blog about? What should I write about.?
Here is a Quick overview on the topic that you might find helpful.

Things you can/should Blog about.

Be an expert in any topic, then write about that. (Write what you know or what you have)

You are a Doctor.  Then you will be blogging about Health related topic.
You are a Hypnotist. Then you will obviously writing about hypnotism and related topics.
If you are in a profession, Related topics will help you blog unique content.
and always keep in mind that Unique content is the foundation of any blog.
Without unique content, no people will come to read our blog or remember it. No unique content will be there if we have no experience in things what we blog.

Find a topic you are interested in. Learn and blog about it same time. (Learn and blog same time)

Best example for this is You learn blogging, and about Blogger. and you write about things you learn.
Or you being addicted to social media, and writing about features they find in those social sites.


You are expert or you have to say something about "Topic XXX" . you are going to blog about "Topic XXX"
You are Interested in "Topic YYY" . you are going to blog about "Topic YYY"
Don't be late. Be a monster in "TOPIC ---". Many out there really missing your Upcoming Blog even Now.

(Sigh) Did you ever think why should You blog?


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