What is Blogger?


Blogger is someone who updates/write a blog. For Example, someone asks you. Are you a Blogger??? then you pause and think. do I update or write a blog?? and if you do.. you tell.. yes... I am a Blogger.

Or It can be Google's free blogging platform that lets us create,customize, and write blog posts and publish a blog.
For better understanding, we will call it as "Google Blogger" from now.

What Is Google Blogger 

As Google Team officially quoted,
Blogger is a free, powerful publishing platform that provides us with all the tools we need to start and grow our blog.
It's fully-customizable and packed with advanced features like HTML editing, gadget support, mobile publishing, and much more.
Blogger seamlessly integrates with other Google products including Google+, Google Analytics, and YouTube.
Better yet, 100% of any AdSense revenue earned is ours to keep.

What's up there, you got it?


Blogger is free. You might wonder you can create one.
yes. you can.. all you need is to spend some time to set up your blog, and something unique to share with the world .

Fully Customizable?

FULLY Customizable.. as much as wordpress[cute huh? it is...]!
and there are features that will help us to make blogging much easier than any other pl;atform.

What are the best features?

HTML Editing
Gadget Support
Mobile publishing
Standalone Pages

Html Editing is one of brightest feature of Blogger.
You will feel like you are painting your house's wall. feel free to design  your blog as per your needs. Learn! you'll never regret ]

Gadget support is another feature that helps Blogger users to add plugins, that are adding functionalities or features to Blogger.
Example for gadgets : Recent posts Gadgets, Popular Posts gadgets, Contact form Gadget.

Mobile Publishing is another nice feature that Blogger provides.
Publish your blog from anywhere if you have a mobile device.
Blogger has made it possible to upload your posts to update from mobile devices or via email messages.

Do you want to tell or guide people about something than your daily blog posts?
Static pages in Blogger is made for this purpose.
Make a contact us page, create a privacy policy page, or a gallery. or anything you would like to show apart from posts.

That's NOT all about Blogger! There are much things to tell about Blogger.
Don't ever try to gasp everything at Once! it will make you lazy to do things. Learn it only when you needed.

You have found Blogger!. Now ... What you should you write about?


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