How to make money with blogging


Making money with blogging is being the hot topic nowadays. people tend to make Blogs just to make money rather than sharing their knowledge and thoughts.
If you are one of them (I hope you are not),if you are one of them you should know about things that will happen after you decide to make money on the fly with blogging in a day or two.

You need to be patient enough.  Keep in  mind that, patience is the door to success.

Don't give up too fast.

If you couldn't make cents within some days, don't give up too fast. don't yell at your ads provider. instead, just try to make more traffic, try to publish more unique contents.

Ready to wait one year to get first earning?

Sometimes, you have to be patient enough for weeks or months. if you are ready to wait one year, you might make it in one month if you have enough traffic to your site.

There are many ways to monetize your blog. We will be Discussing it in another post.


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