Attracting Visitors


Attracting your blog visitors is the crucial part of winning the blogging game.

When it comes to the Word "Attraction" it means just not the appearance but the total performance of your blog.  There is four base things that is used to attract a visitor. 

if you do concrete your blog with these base things, you can make your blogging Kingdom. Where the ultimate ruler is being you.

What does it mean by attracting visitors?

As you may know, Unique Visitors are the people who visit your blog for the first time.
And returning visitors are those who COME BACK after they found your blog once and returning.
Attracting visitors to make more Returnig visitors will help you to grow your traffic.

How to Attract then?

Unique Content is the king.

Your Writing Style is queen.

Your site Design is princess.

Easy navigation is prince.

Make your kingdom with these things.

Writing unique content is always the base of your blog. the more unique, more traffic you get, more subscribers you get. more returing visitors you get.
Your Writing style is the next thing you should care about. Writing style should be entertaining raders , and should not make the reading boring.
Site design matters. if you have good site design that is feast for eyes, users will prefer to read.
if your color comination is not good enough, that will be itching for readers eyes.
And make your site easy to navigate through contents. Also Provide a site search option.


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